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We are an experienced team and company with tons of knowledge, crazy computer technology, a great caring staff, and a modern business model which delivers superior results. We are open 365 days a year, including all Holidays and answer our phone 24/7, do not even have voicemail and will show available properties for rent 7 days a week.

What does this do for you? This provides worry free, stress free property management 24/7. Our knowledge of the industry, our strong connections with contractors, realtors, mortgage brokers and industry literally saves time and money. We exclusively use high resolution photo’s and 360 degree cameras for video move ins and move outs. We reply fast to all interactions, where it be email, phone calls, text messages. Our marketing is second to none as we utilize high resolution images, high definition videos, along with social media platforms and our open 365 and answer every call model. We truly cannot be beat!

Hi Paul, let me try to answer your questions
Yes I am presently using PropM and have used them for the past three years.
Prior to PropM, I have used three of the the 19 property management companies, I know there are 19 of them because I personally interviewed all of them.
I use to own an Real Estate and Property management company since 1970, with three offices, and a staff that was not afraid to work on Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
I hired and fired three property management firms, one twice, after he asked me to give him another chance.
PropM will become the Premier Property management company in Portland and down the valley if not now as we talk.
Dave and Michelle have created a fine tuned Property Management Company that first looks out for the welfare of the Owner's and the Property, but make the tenant feel that they are being serviced.
I have used firms that jammed in tenants that owed monies to former landlord, and didn't ask the reference if they were related to the prospective tenant.
I have used Property managers that said "Oh yes we will show your property on the weekend, and gone to the coast on a prime three day weekend, and that prime tenant is in town to rent looking for a place to rent, and on Tuesday, I follow up and find out that they rented from PropM!
Not only has Dave and Michelle been able to Advertise, Rent, and keep our tenants happy, They have been able to keep my rents up to the max.
You ask me has anything surprised me about PropM. Well I was always tought never to Lie, Cheat or Steal. Well the surprise is that Dave, Michelle and Trina are Honest, they will do what they say.
You use a 1-5 scale, I use the Olimpic 1-10 and they rate them with a 10, and had I know Dave and Michelle forty years ago, I would have at least twice as many property as I have now.
Are you interested in selling one of yours?
Frank H.

How we are continually delivering the industry’s best results:

1st, we answer our phone 24/7.

2nd, we are the only company open 365 days a year.

3rd, we advertise like no other, utilizing social media, google, you tube, twitter, instagram, tik tok, etc.

4th, we follow up and follow up and follow up. Its just what we do.

5th, we provide incredible 24/7 365 knowledgeable service to our tenants, owners and vendors.

  1. First, we only manage homes, we don't sell properties which eliminates any conflict of interest. Our focus is on one thing, managing your property at a very high level.
  2. Being we don't sell homes, Realtors are our friends, they love to refer clients to us. See our Realtor page here.
  3. We answer our phone with a live voice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That can add up to 50+ days a year, we are open, when our competitors are not. This fact alone makes a huge difference in your return on your investment (ROI) and the true value when comparing property management companies.
  4. We have a “no surprise” relationship with you. You will have access to your account which reflects your rental income, expenses, work orders, maintenance costs and your bottom line, anytime from anywhere. We have the best online software program and it is available 24/7. Easy to use and always up to date.
  5. Our comprehensive tenant screening process provides a more qualified tenant resulting in less turnover and lower costs. This is important to provide thorough screening up front.
  6. We focus on preventative maintenance trouble shooting. See these tips which save owners money everyday. Tenant Trouble Shooting Tips.
  7. Semi-annual inspections which helps minimize considerable expenses in the future.
  8. We advertise your property on all the top sites, covering over 90% of where prospective tenants look for their next home. Our aggressive marketing strategy significantly reduces vacancies. We advertise your home for rent on top websites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Instagram, Facebook, Craigslist and more.
  9. Easy online payment options are free of charge to both Tenants and Owners. We encourage online payments by Tenants to significantly reduce NSF’s and late payments, resulting in faster payments to you.
  10. We will customize our relationship with you. You decide if you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach to the management of your properties, whether you want to use your own contacts for repairs, or take advantage of our no upcharge and most often reduced rates from vendors.

Just want us to find you a tenant? We can do that too.

We do have a second option, should you choose to manage your own property. We will research the rental comps, photograph, advertise on all the top sites, covering over 90% of where prospective tenants look for their next home. Our aggressive marketing strategy significantly reduces vacancies. We advertise your home for rent on top websites like Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Instagram, Facebook, Craigslist and more. We prequalify tenants prior to scheduling a showing to minimize the traffic through your home, screen applicants thoroughly which includes a Nationwide criminal background and credit check, with verification of employment and income. We prepare all lease documents and move the tenant in with a property move in inspection.

Let PropM, Inc Property Management help make your property one of your very best investments!

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