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In the United States, nearly 60% of recently built single-family houses, and 80% of homes in new subdivisions, are part of a homeowners association (HOA). HOA's in Oregon alone are getting more challenging, demanding more documentation, time, and issuing more violations/notices. For this reason, all Single Family Homes with an HOA will be charged $X/month as of January 1st 2021

Additional work HOA’s often demand:

  • HOA's are now requiring up to daily communications, announcements, etc., which the HOA and Owners are expecting to be distributed.
  • HOA Violations are sent to us to communicate to tenants, owners, and HOA to resolve.
  • HOA's are requiring their own set of keys.
  • HOA’s are requiring copies, often hard copies of leases.
  • HOA's are limiting move-in and move-out times which takes time to coordinate, often resulting in lost days of rent/revenue and fines.
  • Most if not all HOA require a filled-out owner/tenant registration form at the time of move-in and every time the lease is renewed.

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