Resident Benefit Package

(Included in all Lease Agreements)

We offer this Resident Benefit Package to all our Renters in an effort to help renters take care of costly items often overlooked. As costs continue to rise we want to make every effort to educate you and minimize potential cost to you. Often simple things like burned out light bulbs, missing or never changed furnace filters can cost quite a bit more than you would think to identify, go purchase, install and discard the old. Another example would be leaving junk behind, it is getting expensive to haul items away, which are tenant charges. Take a look below at the benefits.

The monthly cost for the Resident Benefit Package varies for each home and will be specifically advertised with each home. Click on the name of each benefit to learn more.

Response Time

As a PropM tenant, you will always get a live voice when you call, or come in the office, we are open and staffed 365 days a year.

Online Payments

Save time and money. No buying postage stamps, envelopes or money orders, no checks lost in the mail. Easy set up, no bank transfers, eChecks are free, no service charge when using eCheck.

Resident Portal

You have your own password protected portal, with double authentication for your security. You are able to view payment history, print receipts, make repair requests 24/7, view documents and more.

Utility Set Up

Save time as our concierge service will assist you in setting up your utilities as well as any other services you may need, telephone, cable, and more. Inquire here:

Fair and Clear
Lease Agreements

Our leases are prepared by a leading law firm to ensure accuracy and fairness, our lease is designed to be transparent and clear.


Build your credit by paying rent on time! Great way to improve your credit score and lower your interest rates.


We inspect your property during your lease to ensure there are no outstanding repair issues. We will check your home for leaks, drips and any mechanical items which may fail.


We auto sign you up for Rental Liability Insurance in the amount of $100,000 Personal Liability and $50,000 property damage. Yes, when you sign up for the Resident Benefit Package, we sign you up for your insurance, no additional charges, time or effort on your part.

Repair Hotline

You will always talk to a live person who can provide help and guidance.

No Lease
Change Fees

When adding a roommate, pet, etc, there will be no charge for Tenants on the Resident Benefit Package.

One Free
Late Fee

During your tenancy, we will waive one late fee for you.


Our preferred vendors are prescreened to ensure they are professional, knowledgeable, friendly, clean and leave your home in good shape after they leave.

Survey to
Ensure Quality

We will send you a survey after each maintenance request for you to give us your honest thoughts on how the team performed.

Resident Credit

Residents signed up for the Resident Benefit Package will receive a one time $50 credit on any tenant caused damage, including at move out.

Light Bulbs

When you move out, we will replace the light bulbs for free. This is an expense many tenants are frustrated with as it is more costly than you think to have someone change out lightbulbs.


When you move out, we will replace your filter(s) for free. Including, Fridge and HVAC filter. You are responsible to change them during your lease.

Security Deposit

If for whatever reason your property is foreclosed on, we will guarantee the protection of your security deposit.

Home Buyer

We will help set up tenants with experienced Realtors and Resources to help guide in your home purchase.

Most Trusted

Our family owned business has been serving residents and owners since 2010. We have some of the industry’s best reviews.

Open 365
days a year

We are the only company open 24/7/365, here everyday of the week to best serve you.

We answer 100%
of our phone calls

24/7 and have no voicemail. You will always be helped.

Give Back

We love giving back! This past year we focused our attention to minority owned businesses where we donated money, time, gifts and more.

Climate Neutral

We are the first property management company in the country to be certified Climate Neutral.