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We are a tremendous resource for Brokers and Realtors

We are one of a kind. We have built a Broker/Realtor friendly Property Management Company which delivers results!

"PropM is the best management company I have ever worked with. They use a very high-tech approach to managing their properties and it's certainly paying off for them. One of the best parts about PropM is they work closely with Realtors and make sure they are contacted when the client asks about selling their home. I have used them multiple times with great success, and can confidently recommend them."
Jim M., Cascade Sotheby's International Realty

Why partner with PropM, Inc.?

  1. PropM, Inc’s innovative approach to working with Realtors has proven to be an outstanding program in many ways. 
  2. We do not sell Real Estate ever, this is what you do! We expertly manage rental properties of all kinds and keep you in the loop every single step of the way, making you look smart to your client. They will thank you.
  3. PropM, Inc. pays competitive referral fees for each rental property you bring to us. 
  4. PropM, Inc. pays competitive showing fees to realtors who successfully show a tenant a property resulting in an executed lease.
  5. Our tenants can earn credit and boost their credit score with on time rent payments, making our tenants very qualified to purchase a home.
  6. We are the only property management company open 7 days a week and answer our phones 24 hours a day. This Future Buyer Program was developed to share our rental resources and strengthen relationships with local Realtors and Brokers through providing exclusive, highly qualified, introductions to potential buyers.
  7. Have an investor? Not sure which property he/she should buy? Use our Free Rental Analysis to accurately show nearby comparable and current market rents.

Increase your Revenue

Meet Future Home Buyers:

With Realtors, time is a top priority so we assign location specific listings to each Realtor. This makes meeting potential buyers convenient and efficient while showcasing the available rental home in your area. Realtors can choose any of our homes to show, assuming they can show the home within 24 hours. We have found that a quick showing usually equates to a higher percentage of rented properties, more money for the Realtor and a happy future buyer. When a showing results in a rented home, we pay you $150.00. If it does not rent, it’s ok, you have met future buyers you can market to.

All Potential Tenants are Pre-Approved:

We pre-approve prior to scheduling a showing with you. Our goal is not to just send anyone who calls to see a "For Rent" property, we make sure they know what they are wanting,that they are familiar/interested in the area and are prepared to rent the home within the next couple of weeks. We provide industry leading For Rent ads, with maps, schools, heating and cooling sources, nearby parks, what's included in rent, high resolution For Rent images, walk through videos and so much more. Our strict rental criteria ensure individuals have a positive credit profile, are well financed, and have the ability to Rent the property they are interested in.

Relationships Sell Real Estate:

Providing a potential home buyer a personalized, one-on-one tour with a top level Realtor with a listing in his or her own backyard, sends a tremendous message and is an advantage to the Realtor in laying the foundation for a successful long term relationship. The relationship has been established, the professional follow up has been executed, and now you have a list of contacts that will have an expiring lease within the next twelve months. Today's tenant may be your next buyer.

PropM, Inc.:

Bottom line is we have created a tremendous, untapped opportunity for Realtors and Brokers to work with a local professional property management company which delivers increased revenue to the Broker and Realtor.

There is no downside to this, Realtors make more money and increase their pool of future buyers and sellers.

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We look forward to hearing from you.

PropM, Inc, thanks the many Real Estate Agents who refer their clients to us in confidence. We work closely with many Real Estate Agents and have built an agent program that simply works! As the BEST Professional Property Management Company in the industry, we utilize our State-of-the-Art technology to the benefit of the Tenants, the Owners and yourself, the Agent. We do not sell Real Estate so your referrals are safe with us! As a valued partner, we refer the lead(s) back to you when the time comes. There is no conflict of interest and zero worries of losing your client because your seller will be extremely happy with the results and you have the potential to add to your client base when the Tenant is ready to buy. It’s a win, win situation!

Broker Testimonial
"I am so proud to call your organization our "affiliate rental management company". Your agents are top notch! Every time I refer a customer over, one of your agents responds within an hour to confirm they have received the lead and have already followed up with the customer. In the past, we had no one to refer rental prospects and landlords. Now, we just send over an email and can be confident that our customer will receive assistance in an area of the business that we do not otherwise provide service.

Thank you for being there for us and making us look great!"

- Broker "Brink" - Licensed Real Estate Broker - Bright Realty - (941) 928-5555