PropM, Inc. Property Management's Exclusive Real Estate Matching Service

Welcome to PropM, Inc.'s Exclusive Real Estate Matching Service! Our unique service is designed to connect property owners looking to sell their investment properties with buyers seeking new investments. We offer a straightforward, cost-effective alternative to traditional brokerage services. Thinks of this as your first step in selling your property, or a first step in inquiring about investment opportunities for sale.

What We Offer

We have many owners who let us know they want to buy an investment property and many owners who let us know they are going to sell, and want to know if we have any potential buyers? And the answer is Yes! We have many owners asking us if we know if anyone who want to buy or anyone who is selling. And again, the answer is Yes, we do know people who are doing both, buying and selling. Fill out the from below and email us to get started.


Early Access: Get early access to property’s being sold within our portfolio, most of the time before they hit the market.

Exclusive Access:This service is available only to current clients of PropM, Inc., ensuring a trusted and secure environment.

Mutual Benefits:Our service directly connects sellers and buyers, saving both parties time and money.

How It Works?

  1. Sign Up:You sign up by filling out the form below (copy and paste in into an email to us) This exclusive service is available only to PropM, Inc. clients, ensuring high trust and reliability.
  2. Matching:We simply match up buyers and sellers looking for similar properties. Greatly streamlining your efforts, time and money.
  3. Save Money:Avoid traditional real estate commissions with our nominal 1% matching fee, maximizing your investment returns. Traditionally you will pay 2.5% to 3.0% in buyer or seller commissions, with our matching service, you only pay 1% if we find you a property and you close on it.


Imagine you're a property owner looking to sell your 4-plex. Fill out the form with the details of your property, including the address, and we'll let our property owners know about it, saving both parties time and money with a minimal fee. No guarantee’s however, we increase your chance on selling or buying fast.

Get Started Today!

If you're a current client of PropM, Inc. and interested in selling or buying a property, simply copy and paste the form below, answer the questions and email it to

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