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"I have been working with PropM and especially Michelle Wrege for several years. The management of my home has always been superb. They are proactive in collecting the rent on time every month and paying me without any surprise deductions. They have suggested every year rent increases so that my property increases in value annually. What more can you ask for in a property management firm?

They are the best and I would recommend propM and especially Michelle to anyone looking for a great firm to manage their property."

- Devin Patton

"I have been extremely pleased with this management company. Michelle Wrege has been our main contact and her expertise and experience are exemplary. Renting out your property can be extremely stressful, and she set our minds at ease with her confident manner and attention to detail. Our tenants are now on their third year in our property and the house has been well cared for. After hearing some nightmare stories from a couple of friends who have rented their properties without a management company, I can fully attest it is worth every penny they charge.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to my friends and hope they continue to grow their clientele."

- Karen Mulcahy

"Having re-located from Los Angeles, Ca. to Portland, Or., I was interested in buying some income property. After meeting with a real estate investor, I then decided to speak to a property manager as I had no idea how they work.

PropM and specifically Michelle Wrege was recommended to me. I called Ms. Wrege and disclosed I didn't own any property yet but had some questions regarding the management of income property. She immediately invited me to meet with her and told me she would be happy to answer all of my questions.

I met with Ms. Wrege for over two hours. I was impressed with her expert knowledge and information on the rental market in Portland, including educating me on the types of properties that rent well and the average rent increases I could expect.

Ms. Wrege has been in the property management business for many years. She was very patient with all of my questions and I found her to be an expert in her field as well as very kind and caring.

Although Ms. Wrege knew I didn't own any property yet, she took the time and effort to educate me, all without charging me anything for her time and expertise.

When I do invest in a property, I would only use Michelle Wrege at Prop M to manage my property and I would depend on her knowledge to make my decisions based on her advice and her years of being an exceptional property manager."

- Randy Corby

"I have been a happy customer of PropM, Inc for many years now. With two properties to manage, the team has found great fit tenants for my properties that not only keep my house filled with a tenant, but a happy one!

Dave and Michelle are a great team who communicate frequently, openly and with great transparency. They go out of their way to help with any questions we might have - whether it tactical such as upkeep on our current property or strategic, long-term goals. As property owners themselves, they understand and appreciate my position as a landlord and are not only capable, but talented at being my agent to the tenants in my home, ensuring that my property is well cared for by renters that treat my home is if it were their own."

- Kimberly Blomgren

"PropM is a modern, full service management company that I can recommend without reservation. They do a beautiful job showing and listing your property, and they respond quickly to maintenance issues. Their people are energetic and proactive in all phases of property management, and also friendly and courteous. You will be highly satisfied with this company."
- Jeremy Caplin

"We contacted PropM, Inc for assistance in our rental property, and although we did not use them because we rented our home to a friend, we were delighted with the help they offered and advise they gave us for future rentals. Both David and Jeremy were very experienced and pleasant. We would highly recommend them and will definitely contact them when our need arises in the future!
- Dolores Herron

"I have worked with Michelle and Kimberly to rent my home in Lake Oswego several times. They are not only top professionals, responsive to every detail discussed, but they also are great at matching people to suit the home. They seem to keep both the landlord and the tenants interests in mind. They have that perfect blend of being genuinely warm and friendly yet also highly professional. I would recommend them to anyone."
- Jeanne Tyler

"I recently rented a house through Lakeside Property Management. Lakeside was extremely responsive, professional, friendly and helpful throughout the process. They quickly provided me with answers to all of my questions and the rental was everything they represented it would be. Their tenant portal was very easy to use and being able to do everything online including signing the rental agreement was so helpful and made the process painless! From minute I called in to inquire about a rental I felt like they really cared and were there to help me out. In my experience, this is really a stand-out agency. I'm not one to be easily impressed and don't often write reviews, but in this case, it is totally deserved. Well done Lakeside."
- Jana Mejdell

"I rented a house in Sarasota and the entire staff down there was very helpful, considerate, and took care of every issue to make our stay very enjoyable. They are professional, honest, and very easy to communicate with, and I highly recommend this company and will use their services again."
- Kate Zahradnik

"I was relocated to Portland for a job and rented a home from PropM, Inc. I dealt mainly with Michelle who made sure that the house was right for our family. From the very start, the whole process was handled with the utmost professionalism with excellent customer service every step of the way. When there is a maintenance request PropM is on top of it the very same day. I would highly recommend this property management firm."
- Vanessa Burham

"This is by far the most responsive and professional management company I've ever worked with. We rented a house from them and the whole rental process was smooth and pleasant. Two small repairs that needed to be done were handled promptly and the whole process of repair requests can be done online, which makes it easier to do outside of normal business hours. Rent payments can be made directly at their website which I also appreciated. We are landlords and have a property management company handle our property in another state. While the company we use is great, Lakeside is a notch above. I highly recommend renting from Lakeside or using them to handle your rental properties."
- Aaron McCarver

"I give Lakeside a big 5 stars! Michelle Wrege was the only agent who was professional enough to qualify me in my search and found the perfect home for me in days after trying on my own for weeks. After talking with multitudes of agents, Michelle was extremely responsive, courteous and really knows the business. No wonder she is a Principal. The client portal is great and I have already used it for a minor maintenance item and response time was outstanding. Michelle made it easy and really came through for me when I needed help. I highly recommend PropM and Michelle to both homeowners in need of management and those in search of finding a place to reside."
- Ken Griggs

"Renting through Lakeside Property Management has been a great experience. The staff has been very accessible and helpful whenever there were questions or when something needed attention. Their client portal is an easy tool to work with the company. With Lakeside, I have experienced outstanding customer service in every respect. Michelle Wrege has been especially helpful and knowledgeable starting from finding a perfect home for my family to efficient communication between the owners and me. Michelle is not only a highly professional agent, she is also very responsive, courteous, and personable, and thus, was able to help me make a decision about where to rent when I was contemplating renting in a different school district. I highly recommend Lakeside Property Management Company and Michelle Wrege to anyone in need of management and those in search of a place to reside."
- Claudia Porter

"We rented through Lakeside Property Management in June, 2013. I called Lakeside and spoke to Michelle Wrege. She was professional, kind and extremely helpful when I requested an appointment to see our current home in Sherwood.

We had two dogs, one, a quite large Labradoodle and the other a 14# Havanese as well as two teenage children. We had called other agents only to say that the dogs, especially the big one would be a problem.

Michelle said "bring the dogs along" and we'll see what we can do. When we met her, we were very impressed with her knowledge of the business and compassion towards the animals. She immediately called the owner and told him our situation and that the dogs should not be a problem at all!

Long story, short...we got the home and signed a two year lease and God willing will stay there longer. We truly love our new home and thank Michelle and Lakeside for helping us obtain it.

We have also put in some requests for follow up on "problem areas" in the home and they have been more than prompt to respond to our requests. We would highly recommend Lakeside Property Management to anyone that is in the market to rent a home. A+ in our book!"

- Al Polichuk

"I am very pleased with my experience with Lakeside Property Management and would recommend them to anyone looking for management services for their rental home. We rented our house for a year to wait for the market to improve before selling and also because I was moving overseas for a year. The team at Lakeside was very professional throughout the process. During the marketing of the house they were able to find qualified tenants and achieve a higher rent than I was expecting. Once the tenants were in place, everything was handled smoothly and efficiently and I never had to worry about the house while overseas. I would definitely use them again for any other rental properties and would gladly recommend them to others."
- Bill W

"My wife and I rented from Lakeside Property Management for a year-and-a-half. I initially met with Dave Cota to view a house we had found online and I immediately liked him. He was on time, personable and flexible on specific requests we made before agreeing to rent. While in the home Dave was always accessible and quick to respond when we had questions (some were dumb) or had a need. We have rented homes across the country and our experience with Dave was above expectations...he truly cares about his tenants and the homes he manages. Pam and I would recommend him and Lakeside Properties without hesitation."
- Robert Metz

"Absolutely perfect."
- Mary Malone

"After a two year horrible experience with a local Lake Oswego property management company I came across Michelle and Lakeside Property Management company. This is the best move you can make if you are a property owner here in the area. The tenants have been great and she takes care of everything. This makes my life a lot easier since my wife and I live in Bend Oregon."
- Mitchell Griffin

"Lakeside Properties is an excellent management company. They are professionally and responsive to any questions I have had. They did an amazing job of renting my home quickly and kept me in communication with me every step of the way. I would highly recommend using Lakeside Properties for your rental property management needs."
- Samantha Tino