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About Us

At PropM, Inc, we offer the most comprehensive and personalized services available in property management today. Our work ethic and attention to detail is just one reason which makes us stand out from the rest.

We offer industry leading best practices and reliability. We do this with high tech software to improve efficiency and results. We are open seven (7) days a week and answer our phone 24/7 to strictly perform better than anyone else in both results to the home owner and by offering round the clock live voice to talk with or our dynamic and responsive website to interact with, we are here to assist.

We honestly feel there is nobody doing a better job in the industry. Call us to find out more, we think you will be impressed with our property management services.

Best in class environment, best in class team!

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We believe every facet of our business is important to our clients. We work hard to offer everything possible to help with health, stress and the tools needed to be successful. This is why we provide our team with world class working conditions, software, food, coffee, games, air and more. Air? Yes we know having plants not only cleans the air naturally, plants have calming affect on people and studies have shown employees rarely get sick when they breathe clean healthy air, natually cleaned by the plants.

Not only does the modern open atmosphere assist in employee hapiness, it is also helps for fast efficient team collaboration, it allows for easy and instant access to information.

Meet the Team

Trina Rosenthal
Plant 7
Property Manager, Trina Rosenthal, brings over 20 years’ experience in Property Management to PropM, having started her career in Tenant Screening. Trina is well versed in all aspects of property management from start to finish and believes that every facet of problem solving, solutions and building relationships is very important. Trina’s co-workers appreciate that she is always willing to lend a helping hand! Trina resides in Wilsonville and in addition to work, Trina is passionate about spending time with her Husband and Daughter. During her time away from the office she can be found reading and playing video games with her daughter. Trina also loves watching the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Go Angels!) with a bowl of Pomegranates, her favorite fruit, in front of her! Trina is well traveled and has been all over the United States.
Michelle Wrege
Plant 1
Michelle is her name and exceptional service is her game! She has 25 years in the game of sales and property management and she’s been winning ever since. Michelle takes in all our clients as if their long-time friends, and if you hear her on the phone, she is likely to be laughing and enjoying a great conversation with current and potential homeowners while she introduces our exceptional services! When she is away from the office, Michelle enjoys reading, dancing, and exercising. Her beautiful son and daughter keep her motivated to live life to the fullest! As a resident local, Michelle knows the rental market like the back of her hand! If you saw Michelle eating a fruit, it would be a papaya with lime!
Pauline Kauffmann
Plant 2
When Pauline is not kicking the sand off her feet and enjoying her family and friends on the weekends, she can be found at the office assisting our team and our clients. With 18 years of experience in the information technology field, Pauline is quick to handle customer accounts and maintain our system software. Her favorite customers away from the office are her 15 year old son, her Beagle, BeBe, Yorkie-Pin, Frodo and two turtles named Bob and Larry! She’s an expert in the garden and loves organizing family gatherings. If you saw Pauline eating fruit it would be a bowl of Cherries!
David Cota
Plant 4
Every ship needs its captain! David, founder and entrepreneur has been sailing the seas of sales and property management for over 25 years and runs a tight ship. His main priority is to provide the crew leading tools in the industry to be Rock Stars for our customers! David thrives on improving day to day and long-term company operations and becoming the best in the industry. It’s rare that David pulls away from his role as Captain, but when he does his long-term girlfriend keeps him smiling and grounded! He likes to play tennis, run and swim. David has 1 very special pet bird named A. J., a gift from entertainer Johnny Carson! If you saw David eating a fruit, it would be grapes, and there might even be someone at his side fanning him with palm leaves.
Jen Coleman
Plant 6
When Jen is not kicking the soccer ball or playing disc golf, both sports a strong passion for her, you will find Jen helping customers and getting things done. Jen has over 6 years of Customer Service experience in the field and is very committed to offering excellent customer service to our clients and tenants at PropM, Inc. Jen lives in the beautiful and desirable City of Lake Oswego and has travelled abroad to destinations including the East Coast, Hawaii, California and Mexico. Outside of work she enjoys relaxing and staying active with adventures such as hiking and floating the river. Jen loves time spent with her fiancé Mitch, her family and friends. With no time to rest, Jen is also very busy putting the final touches on her wedding plans for next summer...and she will make a gorgeous bride for sure! If you were to ask her co-workers why they love to work with Jen, they would reply because she is a hard worker and has a great work ethic! If you are lucky enough to catch Jen at home, you will find her with her adorable cat named “Cosmo” and eating a bowl of sliced pineapple, her favorite fruit!
Debbie Brooks
Plant 8
Our customer service secret weapon, Debbie, is simply a delight for tenants and owners to work with. Debbie takes an interest in resolving problems, understanding the situation with compassion and her great persona, with a dedication to understand the problem, with great follow through to find the solution. Debbie has over twenty-three years of experience in the property management industry and began her career as an intern with the Social Security Department in the State of Maryland, which means she has the patience of a saint and excellent customer service skills. Debbie is a sports enthusiast and loves to spend time watching her favorite teams, the Tampa Bay Rays, Chicago Cubs and the Denver Broncos. We are sure the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series just put her over the top. Debbie's best friend and love of her life is Rocco, her 9 year old cat. You can bet Rocco is a pretty spoiled little guy. Debbie enjoys her "low key" lifestyle in beautiful Nokomis, Florida. Although she has lived in England for a short period of time and enjoys travel to Hawaii and the Bahamas. When you find Debbie eating bananas, her favorite fruit, you can bet she is busy planning a new project at home, from gardening to a new bathroom remodel. Debbie is fun and she makes us smile!
Carolyn Fairfax
Plant 9
Carolyn started her career in the real estate industry, specifically residential. Growing up in the property management business, her specialties at PropM include helping people, solving conflicts, and having the ability to adapt to change. She is passionate about real estate and pursuing a career where she can exceed and grow, meet new people, make friends, find ways to improve the skills she already has, as well as, learn new skills. Outside of work some of her passions include living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining strong relationships and making a difference. Carolyn is newly married and enjoys her life with her husband Kaci, as well as, family and friends. She finds running to be very therapeutic and a time to reflect, plus in the warmer months, she and Kaci like to hit the nearest court for a game of tennis, which they both enjoy. Carolyn currently resides in Southwest Portland and does visit Philadelphia during the summer months to spend time with relatives at the family beach house in Ocean City, New Jersey...the perfect get-away, with time for quick day trips to New York City. Carolyn enjoys travelling and has been to Seattle, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Vegas, Maui and Mexico. Outside of work you might find her eating pineapple, her favorite fruit, while exploring her passion for cooking, her love for nature, Do-It-Yourself projects and new decor ideas. Carolyn is a support to her fellow co-workers and a joy to work with.
Michael Sams
Plant 10
Mike began his career in the commercial painting and welding industries and brings over 15 years of solid experience in housing, hardware, painting and rental maintenance to PropM. His priorities are providing complete tenant satisfaction and the assurance to owners that their properties are well cared for. Mike has resided in Portland for over 20 years and when not on the job, you can find him pursuing his hobbies - collecting and painting of miniature game pieces; collecting vinyl records with over 1,500 in his collection so far! He also collects comic books and has a passion for tabletop gaming and video games. Mike enjoys spending time with his daughter, his dog Odie, his family and friends. Mike is a pleasure to work with and his attention to detail and excellent customer service are greatly appreciated by everyone!
Sarah Hardt
Plant 8
PropM welcomes Sarah Hardt. She brings years of experience to PropM, having started her career in the retail industry, and then doing maintenance and remodeling with a general contractor. Sarah specializes in field inspection for PropM, with a good eye for maintenance requirements. She loves inspecting the homes to help prevent damage from being caused to a property. Sarah resides in Beaverton with her family. She has two girls, 2 and 7 years old, who keep her busy as well as her daughter’s miniature Doxie by the name of Rocky! Other than her kids and family, Sarah is passionate about hiking, all types of art, and spending time at the beach. She also enjoys pool, having been part of a pool league playing eight and nine ball. Sarah enjoys traveling and has visited Canada extensively. Her favorite fruit is a Pomegranate and her co-workers love her because she is so easy to work with!
Kathy Brainard
Plant 8
PropM is pleased to welcome Kathy Brainard to the Team! She brings years of experience to PropM. She started out with an undergraduate degree in vocal performance and music history. Kathy has a diverse background and had her own business in the field of word processing. In the mid 1980’s she began working for a Real Estate Syndicator and transitioned into managing the syndicated properties, both commercial and residential. Kathy has a total of 30+ years of experience in varied industries, with the emphasis on property management. She is passionate about offering great customer service and helping provide safe, decent and habitable housing for all. Outside of the office, Kathy is working on her Masters Degree in Divinity encompassing world religions, and why people can’t get along. In her spare time, she enjoys nature, hiking and camping, reading, singing and playing the piano; also spending time traveling with her partner Brad and enjoying Feline “Dave Meowthews”, as well as enjoying her 4 children and 7 grandchildren. She has visited Europe, Hawaii and Bermuda. When it comes to a fruit, Kathy prefers Raspberries. He co-workers say they love working with her, since she thinks everything is funny!
Ingrid Valentine - Macias
Plant 8
Ingrid started her property management career as an on-site Manager at a new Tax Credit Property (when Tax Credit was unknown) and brings PropM many years of experience in property management. At work she is committed to getting the job done well, and correctly, providing excellent customer service to our customers and clients. Ingrid’s co-workers say she is a pleasure to work with as she is calm, quiet and unruffled. Ingrid lives in Beaverton and her family includes 5 children, one small dog and hubby, Roberto. She enjoys spending time with her husband and friends and loves hiking the area as well as camping. She is from Costa Rica and has enjoyed spending winters there. She is also passionate about women’s issues and learning to be a better person. If Ingrid was eating a fruit, it would be a banana.
Riley Lozano
Plant 8
Riley started her career in the real estate industry, specifically inspecting then moved onto vacation rentals, and property management. Riley specializes in detailed field inspections for PropM and is very passionate about exploring homes and highlighting their best features. Outside of the office, Riley is the creative director for a film and theater production company in Portland. She resides in Beaverton and enjoys spending time with her life partner, Brian and creative partner, Kamryn, a fluffy kitty named ZZ and a dachshund mix, named Calli. Riley enjoys sports, especially Soccer and frisbee golf. She also enjoys traveling and has visited Canada, Portugal, and Mexico. Outside of work you might find her eating bananas, her favorite fruit, while hiking and swimming at the Oregon Coast. Riley always looks on the bright side of things and isn’t afraid of helping with big tasks!
Devon Abbott
Plant 4
When Devon is not watching college and professional football, or playing fantasy football, you will find her helping others and making a difference. Devon has over 8 years of customer service experience and 3 years in property management. Prior to her work with Property Management where she excelled at Human Resources and Executive Administrative tasks, she was part of the Marine Corp with a specialty in communications and executive administration. She excels at anything related to computers. Already she has taken over the role of maintenance; coordinating all maintenance between residents, owners and vendors ensuring that issues are dealt with timely and efficiently. In addition, as tasks are assigned she is quickly working through systems and helping us to become more organized with our processes and procedures. She currently resides in Troutdale and has traveled all over the U.S., but never been outside of the country. Devon loves time spent with her son, boyfriend, family and friends, and goes camping often. She’s loves playing board games and attending concerts including the Rolling Stones and Iron Maiden, which tells you that for her age she’s an old soul. At home, you will find Devon spending time with her dog, Zora and kitten, Bastianich. If you saw Devon eating a fruit, it would be apples. Devon is a hard worker and someone you can depend on!