We created this page to show a small taste of the nuttiness our staff deals with. Example: Tenant is moving in and requested to meet us early at our office, which we did, we were in the office an hour early. Tenants shows up early, and our team is here meeting with him. Tenant proceeds to leave us a review for not being in the office early, when he is actually sitting in our office, on the couch, an hour before we open. Some people are just Nuts.


Blog Post Open Early

Open Early

Tenant moving in, is literally sitting in our office at 7:15am, one hour fifteen minutes before we open and he is typing a one star review about us not being open early, while he is sitting on our couch and we are talking to him in our office.  ???
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Blog Post Not quick enough? Let me blame you!

Not quick enough? Let me blame you!

TERRIBLE company. The fence in our backyard that was falling apart when we moved in blew over in the wind and crashed onto my car. They won’t do anything about it and said to contact my car insurance company (for which I only have liability insurance, so that doesn’t ...
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Blog Post What No Weed?

What No Weed?

A gentleman reached out to view an apartment home. After explaining that he would need to grow several Marijuana Plants on the complex property I let him know we would not be able to allow this. He responded by saying “I need a cool landlord, not a square landlord. YOUR LOS...
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Blog Post What? No Deposit Returned?

What? No Deposit Returned?

A resident had vacated a property and returned keys to our office. As per normal protocol we inspected the home for damages and completed a check out list. The findings of the home were beyond anything any of us had ever seen. The home was a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom single family hom...
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Blog Post What Pets'?

What Pets'?

We rented a home to a tenant that did not allow pets. The tenant stated on her application she had no pets. A neighbor called us to tell us there was a dog that would not stop barking throughout the day in the home for the past several weeks. When we called the tenant and she ans...
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Blog Post Cash It Faster!

Cash It Faster!

A tenant’s rent check was returned as an NSF.  We called to tell him and he stated it was our fault that his check bounced because he said we didn’t cash his rent check fast enough.
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Blog Post Fake Lease

Fake Lease

A good one.  Tenant copied and pasted a fake lease, added a fake logo to the document and tried to claim that was the actual lease she signed, not the actual lease she signed. Good try!
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Blog Post

"Door Lock Is Broken"

Tenant submits maintenance request.  "Door Lock is broken"  We ask for photo's to be sent in.  Not only is the door lock broken, the entire door has been kicked in.  Good try, this is a tenant expense when you or your roommates or guests damage t...
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Blog Post Security Deposit

Security Deposit

Tenant is upset with their Security Deposit, yelling and screaming at our team her home was cleaner than when she moved in!  Yelling and screaming.  We send her a video of the destruction she left, including the pizza left in the microwave.  Her reply:  "...
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Blog Post Garden Bandit

Garden Bandit

A tenant had a planter box and potted plant with two hand blown glass bulbs in them. A realtor emptied the planter box, then left and took the tenant's potted plant. Each glass bulb was $20, and the tenant expected to see her bulbs or $40 from her. It gets better when the te...
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