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Tips on How to Troubleshoot Your Own Maintenance Issues | Portland Property Management

Let’s talk about why it’s really cool to try and troubleshoot some of your own maintenance issues at your Portland rental property.

I’m Lester Neal, from PropM, and even though I’m not a DIY type of person or even a tech expert, I do try to fix things myself when I can. 

Working in property management, I know that sometimes as tenants, when we have a maintenance person come to fix an issue that’s our responsibility or our fault, it can result in a charge that we weren’t expecting. 

All of us are trying to save some money, right? 

So, here is an example of something you can do to troubleshoot your own simple repair work at your Portland rental property. 

Simple Tips to Re-setting a Garbage Disposal

Here’s an easy example. Sometimes, your garbage disposal isn’t acting right. You might turn it on, and it doesn’t make any sound at all or you hear a dull hum, but it’s not grinding everything up or doing what you expect a garbage disposal to do. 

I found out that there is a button under your sink that you can press to fix the problem!

First, you’ll want to turn the garbage disposal off, of course. Then, press the button and you should reset your garbage disposal. It’s that easy, and there’s no need to call for help. 

If you do reset it and it still doesn’t work, then obviously you need to put in a maintenance request. But, this is an easy starting point and something you should try on your own before you go ahead and schedule that maintenance. 

Portland Rental Property Maintenance 

Push ButtonWe’re always ready to help you out at PropM, and we’re here to provide maintenance services seven days a week. We’re responsive and helpful. But, if you come across a simple problem that you can fix yourself, go ahead and do it. The repair might just be as easy as pushing a button. 

You can always call us if you have questions. And don’t forget to use that handy tool on our website, where we show tenants and owners how to troubleshoot these basic things like the button under the garbage disposal. Always check out some of those resources that are provided to you.

The garbage disposal reset trick is something I have personal experience with. I drink a lot of coffee and at my last place, I was putting coffee grounds in the sink. Luckily, I’m working at PropM now, and I knew how to take care of my garbage disposal without putting in a maintenance request. 

When in doubt, make a maintenance request. If something seems basic but you’re not sure if you should be fixing it on your own, you can always call us and ask. Our staff is very knowledgeable when it comes to maintenance - (except me) - so if you need any help with repairs or you have a question about whether you should do something, contact us at PropM, Inc.