Tenant Responsibility Package!

$44.95 a month and we will take care of your Tenant Responsibilities.

Saves you Time and Money and Hassle!

Tenants will be automatically enrolled in the Tenant Responsibility program in an effort to save you time, money and hassle when moving out.

Each household will be charged a total of $44.95, per month for the entire time of their tenancy. What you need to do:

  1. Take all your belongings with you at move out.
  2. Leave the house debris free, broom swept throughout, including garage.
  3. Leave no belongings behind.  Refer to your move in video to verify condition of home at move in.

Upon Move out You get:

  1. Free Light Bulb Replacement
  2. Free Fridge Filter Replacement
  3. Free HVAC Filter Replacement
  4. Free Drip Plan Replacement
  5. Free Battery Replacement, thermostats, etc.
  6. Free house key replacement if lost. (Does not include fobs or mail keys, this is once per year)
  7. Free Drip Pan Replacement
  8. 10% Discount on Professional Cleaning on Move Out. (We will hire/schedule, an approved, licensed, insured cleaner, you get a discount)
  9. 10% Discount on Profession Carpet Cleaning on Move Out. (We will hire/schedule, an approved, licensed, insured cleaner, you get a discount)
  10. 10% Discount on Professional Painting on Move Out. (We will hire/schedule, an approved, licensed, insured painter, you get a discount)
  11. 10% Discount on tenant related damages. (Any damages you caused, you will get discount on those repairs)

This Tenant Responsibility Package helps ensure your exit is efficient and stress free.

The Goal:

Our goal is to return 100% of your Security Deposit, assuming you have not damaged the home and have taken all your belongings with you.

Often simple costs like light bulbs, filters, drip pans, batteries, professional cleaning and painting can add up as the vendors must find the correct parts, purchase, deliver and install, along with their trip charge, time, materials etc. Frankly, we all agree this takes time, scheduling and often is expensive. Our goal is to help make your move out stress free, both financially and saving you time.

Assuming you have left the home damage free, taken all your belongings with you, are caught up on all your utility bills, you should have a great chance of receiving a full security deposit refund by signing up for this program!

*Must have a minimum of 6 months left on active lease to be eligible*

Email Info@PropMhomes.com to sign up!

Top Ten Costly Tenant Mistakes or Misses:

  1. Furnace Filters - Not changing furnace filters regularly, potential HVAC liability.
  2. Light Bulbs - Not replacing all light bulbs.  Bulbs are time consuming and cost much more than most think to purchase and install.
  3. Fridge Filters - Needs to be changed.
  4. Items left behind -This cost money to haul them away which you will have to pay for.
  5. Drip Pans Replacement - Easier and cheaper to replace than cleaning them.
  6. Missing Door Stops - For whatever reason these seem to disappear.
  7. Non - Professional Cleaning – Many tenants turn in fake receipts unfortunately.
  8. Broken Blinds.
  9. Missing Batteries: Smoke Detector, Carbon Monoxide Detector, Garage Remote, Thermostat, etc.
  10. Don't touch up paint, it makes it worse!