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Osprey Property Management

Servicing areas of Osprey, FL

Thank you for researching our property management company, we appreciate it.

For starters, property management is the only thing we do. We don’t sell real estate, we leave that up to the Real Estate Brokers. We can recommend professional, reliable Brokers should you be looking for one..

Our pricing strategy is straight forward with no surprises. We are a full service property management company, and we are happy to customize your property management needs.

There are no upfront costs until we deliver for you. You do not pay us a penny out of your pocket. We will deliver a well-qualified tenant who has paid all funds due, signed all paperwork and moved in. This is for your protection and safety. We believe PropM, Inc Property Management will be one of your best investments, saving you time, money, reducing liability, stress and so much more.

Pricing Structure

Our pricing is very competitive. Our prices range anywhere from 4% to 12% management fee depending on the number of units/homes, along with location, amenities, rent and more.

Some of the services we offer and encourage you to compare to our competitors:

What we do as your Osprey property manager:

  • 24/7 Live Voice Answer - Most property management companies are understaffed, not open 7 days and struggle to return calls.
  • 24/7 Availability - We are available everyday of the week to discuss your property management needs, including weekends.
  • Professional Advertising - We pay for Professional Photography and Video which we have professionally displayed ads on approximately 100+ websites.
  • Social Network Advertising - Each property in addition to the 100+ websites, is advertised on Facebook and other social networks, further expanding our advertising.
  • Mobile Friendly Website / Dynamic Website - Our Dynamic Website is Mobile friendly, which is very important since 40% of tenants and owners search via mobile phone. You can make mobile payments and more on our site.
  • Lead Tracking - We track and follow up three times on every single lead, whether it be via telephone or email. We keep you in the loop with every lead and report to you weekly.
  • Online Application Process - Fast efficient results! While others take days to verify, we verify within 24-48 hours with a 6 point check system.
  • Showing 7 Days a Week - We show your property 7 days a week, no other companies do, meaning we rent your property faster.
  • Pre-Qualify Tenants - We pre-qualify each potential renter to ensure tenant quality and to not run unnecessary traffic through your property.
  • Thorough Screening Process - Our 6-point check is the most thorough in the industry! Credit, Criminal, Eviction, Rental History, Employment and Income Verification, and a copy of the front and back of their drivers license, we do this every time for every tenant.
  • Tenant Guarantee - We are the only company to guarantee our tenants. If they break their lease in the first 12 months, We will re-rent at no charge.
  • On Time Rent Payment Credit Reporting - This helps tenants to improve their credit score and entices them to want to rent your property as they can increase their credit score.
  • Delinquent Rent Payment Credit Reporting - This helps to prevent delinquencies and increase on time rent collection.
  • Owner Weekly Updates - Weekly updates to owner, tracking calls and showings. Our goal is to aggressively rent the property at top market rates.
  • Attention to Detail - We literally track everything from all phone calls, to leads, to showings, etc.
  • Caring Staff - Our staff simply cares. Our goal is to offer the best possible customer service, whether it be Owners, Tenants or Vendors.v
  • Admin. Charges/Fees - We have zero set up charges. In fact, we invest our money in your property first via professional photos, video and more before we collect a dime. No upfront costs to you.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs - We are open 24/7 to specifically handle any issues that arrive, saving everyone time and frustration. We address maintenance issues faster by creating electronic orders, text, email and 24/7 phone support to ensure timely responses and resolutions. Our preventative maintenance tips and protocol save up to 20+% in annual maintenance costs. Our no upcharge maintenance policy saves you more.
  • Pre-Maintenance Checks - We run our tenants through a simple pre-maintenance check before calling for service. We save owners up to 30% on their maintenance charges with excellent self-evaluating tools to prevent unnecessary charges.
  • No Up-Charging - We do not upcharge for maintenance or anything else, we often get you lower rates due to the volume of work we provide our vendors.
  • Advanced Technology/Software - We have invested a substantial amount of money customizing the process, whereas most other property management companies are primarily paper based and reactive, or use out of the box software.
  • Fast Auto Deposit - We distribute owners/investors funds on or before the 10th of each of each month via ACH Deposit.
  • On Time Rent - We have a very proactive approach to rent collection which makes our on time rent among the very highest in the industry.
  • Low Delinquency Rate - We have very low delinquency rates due to our proactive approach, multiple options for tenants to pay rent and our firm collection policy. Tenants may pay online with credit card, via E-check or pay cash with a barcode at 7-11.
  • On Demand Reporting - We can customize nearly any report to satisfy your requirements.
  • Competitive Fees/Value - We charge two fees: a Leasing Fee and a Management fee. We feel we offer the best property management value available.
  • Bill Pay - A great service which helps you and your CPA to have all bills on one easy to read statement.
  • Semi Annual Inspections - Proactive walk thru’s to help identify potential issues.
  • Eviction Protection - We offer Eviction Protection for $10/mo. This optional service is available to protect you from the costs of an eviction. if you sign up, we will pay for any Eviction all the way up to a Jury trial. Great value for $120/year to not have to pay for an Eviction.
  • Industry Leading Software - We have built proprietary software which helps to proactively manage your property, lease renewals, maintenance saving tips and so much more.
  • Vacancy Charges - We never charge you for a vacant property, that’s our job to get it rented. Others charge a vacancy fee.
  • Vacancy Monitoring - Our systems and team keep us on track for the owner's goals, vacancy rate and rental price criteria, delivering the highest ROI in the industry.
  • Annual Rent Increases - Proactive rent increases essentially cover our cost, maximizes both your return on investment (ROI) and your property value.
  • Video Move In / Move Out - They say a picture is worth a thousand words, we say a video is worth a million. We see no better way to hold a tenant accountable than video recording before Move In and after Move Out, this virtually eliminates any issues. While our competitors are still hand filling out paper.
  • Maximize ROI - Our industry leading software and proactive approach to rent collection and minimizing costs help to maximize your ROI like no other.
  • Green Friendly Company - Our industry leading software minimizes the impact to the Earth, benefiting all of us with reduced weight.
  • Use of Social Media - We continually post relevant information to Google, Twitter, Facebook and more in an effort to easily connect with all of our tenants in the ways they prefer.
  • Free Rental Analysis - Allows you to monitor current market trends.

Inquire About Our Services

We are the best in the business, and here's how we do it:

  1. First, we only manage homes, we don't sell properties which eliminates any conflict of interest. Our focus is on one thing, managing your property at a very high level.
  2. Being we don't sell homes, Realtors are our friends, they love to refer clients to us. See our Realtor page here.
  3. We answer our phone with a live voice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That can add up to 50+ days a year, we are open, when our competitors are not. This fact along makes a huge difference in your return on your investment (ROI) and the true value when comparing property management companies.
  4. We have a “no surprise” relationship with you. You will have access to your account which reflects your rental income, expenses, work orders, maintenance costs and your bottom line, anytime from anywhere. We have the best online software program and it is available 24/7. Easy to use and always up to date.
  5. Our comprehensive tenant screening process provides a more qualified tenant resulting in less turnover and lower costs. This is important to provide thorough screening up front.
  6. We focus on preventative maintenance trouble shooting. See these tips which save owners money everyday. Tenant Trouble Shooting Tips.
  7. Semi-annual inspections which helps minimize considerable expenses in the future.
  8. We advertise your property on over 100 websites, covering over 90% of where prospective tenants look for their next home. Our aggressive marketing strategy significantly reduces vacancies. We advertise your home for rent on top websites like Zillow, Craigslist, Hotpads, Trulia and so many more.
  9. Easy online payment options are free of charge to both Tenants and Owners. We encourage online payments by Tenants to significantly reduce NSF’s and late payments, resulting in faster payments to you.
  10. We will customize our relationship with you. You decide if you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach to the management of your properties, whether you want to use your own contacts for repairs, or take advantage of our no upcharge and most often reduced rates from vendors.

Just want us to find you a tenant? We can do that too.

We do have a second option, should you choose to manage your own property. We will research the rental comps, photograph, advertise on 100 sites Nationally, prequalify tenants prior to scheduling a showing to minimize the traffic through your home, screen applicants thoroughly which includes a Nationwide criminal background and credit check, with verification of employment and income. We prepare all lease documents and move the tenant in with a property move in inspection.

Let PropM, Inc Property Management help make your property one of your very best investments!

Areas We Serve

Areas We Serve