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Multi-Family Owners


Our focus is on your ROI.

Why PropM, Inc for Multi-Family? We simply do it better! We will without a doubt increase your ROI.

  • Lower Management fee’s. How? We use technology, processes and efficiency. You benefit.
  • Increased Rents with better and professional advertising.
  • Increased Occupancy percentage, Decreased Vacancies
  • 24 hours a day / 7 days a week customer service
  • Improved Grounds Management
  • Improved customer service for your tenants, vendors and you.
  • Improved accounting and reporting
  • Credit Reporting on all tenants improves on time rent collection

Our efficiency and our proactive approach benefits all owners. However, it is never more apparent than to an owner who owns many units.

Multi-Family Property Managers

Finance / Budgeting & Goals

Annual Rental Projections and Budget Tracking are just the beginning of where we excel. We track actual versus budget and report the variance each month to you electronically.

Below are just some of the advantages we offer over our competitors.

We pride ourselves in offering great analysis and suggestions on areas where ROI can be improved. We have the luxury of visibility over many other multi-family properties, creative solutions and our experience to increase your return on investment for your property managed by PropM, Inc.

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  1. Our Ultra-High-Tech approach saves you money with our efficient electronic processes - from scheduling showings to lease generation to rent payments.
  2. Our 7 day a week/24 hour a day customer service has proven to increase on time rent payments.
  3. Our 7 day a week Leasing Team tracks every lead, renting properties faster, minimizing vacancies, increasing ROI.
  4. We report tenant payments to the credit bureaus, increasing tenant awareness of the importance of on-time payments and the negative effects of late payments.
  5. Our video Move In/Move Out protocol and documentation virtually eliminates unnecessary owner expenses, holding tenants accountable and has insurance benefits too.
  6. Our proactive approach to grounds management and re-purposing onsite managers improve grounds/curb appeal, increase rents, reduces accounting liability, improves, tenant relationships.
  7. Our proactive approach to lease expiration and rent increase notification minimizes vacancies and maximizes revenue.
  8. Corporate oversight brings peace of mind to both the onsite manager and owner. Professional back-end accounting reduces liability and increases quality of property with re-purposing the on-site manager.
  9. Our massive reach in advertising your units on over 125 websites globally in conjunction with social media gives your property the exposure needed in today's fast paced market.

As a multi-family property investor you have specific needs and concerns in hiring a property management company.

We know maximizing your ROI is the goal. We have the same goal, return on your investment.

Onsite management is always a question we spend time on with each owner. We have a proven and modern approach to onsite property management.

We re-purpose the Onsite Manager Role

Contact us today to learn more about how we can improve your ROI for your multi-family property’s.