Eviction Protection

In the game of life, circumstances can always change. Even with well-qualified and well screened Tenants. Whether they suffer from a recent job loss or are suffering from an illness, accident, medical bills, divorce or are simply making excuses, eviction can be a reality in owning an investment property. These circumstances do happen and often are difficult times for the Tenant, to the point where they cannot even afford the expense of moving.

We Now Have You Covered

PropM, Inc has designed an extremely cost effective program, which will protect you from the cost, worries and hassle of an eviction. For a fee per month per unit, this program will cover the cost of all evictions, which will save you time and money. This means zero cost to you for an eviction, as long as there is no jury trial. In our combined 100+ years of property management, we have never once been to a jury trial for an eviction. In the rare case an eviction does result in a jury trial, we would help and guide you with information to assist in negotiating a fair settlement on your behalf. The Eviction Program is optional with all new property management agreements.

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