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What Happens if Your Property is Destroyed by a Hurricane?

As a professional property management company serving the Sarasota/Bradenton and Portland, Oregon area, we have to be prepared for natural disasters and weather events that could strike at any time. In Florida, we are always worried about hurricanes and the potential damage they can do to a property.

Hurricane Protection and Insurance

This is an issue that really goes straight to insurance. If your property happens to be destroyed in a hurricane, it’s going to be an insurance claim. Make sure you have enough coverage in place before hurricane season so you won’t have to worry about potential losses during the summer and fall.

Prepare for a Potential Hurricane

Obviously, with a storm coming in, you need to prepare your home. This might include putting up hurricane shutters and doing everything you can to protect the property. If you have a tenant in place, the owner needs to be prepared to pay for any hurricane precautions.

If the property does get damaged or destroyed, you’ll need to immediately file an insurance claim. You’ll need to have photos and videos that document the damage. There are no great tricks on what to do. An insurance agent will come in and negotiate who gets reimbursed and for how much. They will decide where the tenant goes, how much the property owner gets, and how much the tenant gets.

Let’s cross our fingers and hope that we don’t have any hurricanes that destroy properties in the near future. If you have any questions about potential weather disasters or how to properly protect your home, please contact us at PropM Property Management.