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How to Write a Catchy Portland Rental Listing Headline

Do you ever wonder which rental ads get the most attention? 

There’s a lot that goes into marketing, but usually, it starts with a catchy headline. You want to get the attention of your potential tenants and make them click to open your ad. 

There’s a lot of competition in the Portland rental market. When you’re in real estate or property management or you just happen to be renting out a home of your own, you need to know how to write a catchy ad title for your rental. 

Here’s how to catch someone’s eye with your titles. 

Think about the Portland Rental Home You’re Listing

Before writing a headline or even putting together a listing, I like to find pictures or videos that help me with how I want to talk about the rental property I’m describing. It’s even better if I can visit the home. This helps me to really get the vibe of the place before I write about it. 

Think about what you want to portray about the home before other people. How do you feel when you’re at the home? Your goal is to get new people interested in this property. They’ve never seen it before. So, you need to think about those people when you’re trying to get their attention. 

Photos can help you write a great title. Always share how the home makes you feel. 

Choosing Adjectives and Descriptors 

Use the right words that explain how you feel when you’re thinking about the home. If you’ve got a beautiful house to rent out, say that. If it’s modern, make sure you mention that it’s modern because a lot of people are looking for contemporary homes. 

Adjectives in your title can help you attract potential tenants

Don’t Forget the Facts 

Tell the FactsThe right adjectives and language are important, but you don’t want to forget the facts. 

Tell prospective tenants what they’re getting in your home. Maybe it’s two bedrooms or one bedroom. Maybe it’s a studio. Always list what kind of home it is so you attract the right tenants. If you have a gorgeous three-bedroom home, use all of that in the title. 

Mention where the home is, as well. If it’s in Portland, say that in the title. If you can specify the neighborhood, that’s even better. The city is definitely important. This will localize the listing. People will know that they like your neighborhood and they want to live there. Or, if they’re moving from Texas or Florida to Portland, they’ll know they’re looking in the right place. 

In the end, add something fun. Maybe your property has a big backyard or a fireplace or a pool. 

Always put those types of things at the end of your headline. 

Here’s a sample headline:

Gorgeous 3-bedroom Townhome in Portland with a Pool. 

This headline will get the attention of some very specific tenants who are looking for all those things. You draw people in and you help tenants narrow their search.  

If you have any questions or you want some help writing the best possible headline for your listing, please contact us at PropM Property Management.