We created this page to show a small taste of the nuttiness our staff deals with. Example: Tenant is moving in and requested to meet us early at our office, which we did, we were in the office an hour early. Tenants shows up early, and our team is here meeting with him. Tenant proceeds to leave us a review for not being in the office early, when he is actually sitting in our office, on the couch, an hour before we open. Some people are just Nuts.


What? No Deposit Returned?

What? No Deposit Returned?

A resident had vacated a property and returned keys to our office. As per normal protocol we inspected the home for damages and completed a check out list. The findings of the home were beyond anything any of us had ever seen. The home was a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom single family home in a historic district. The walls of the home were covered in sheets stapled to the studs, the drywall had been ripped off. In the first bedroom of the home we found DIAPERS behind used as insulation, a closet full of dog feces, and the light fixture was replaced with flashlight on a string. The kitchen sink had been removed and a Styrofoam cooler was sitting underneath the faucet catching the drips. The worst finding of the home was the basement. The renter decided to set up a “Bunny Haven”. An ENTIRE basement filled with bunnies.

The renter called 5 days after moving out and asked, “When should I expect to see my deposit back?”