We created this page to show a small taste of the nuttiness our staff deals with. Example: Tenant is moving in and requested to meet us early at our office, which we did, we were in the office an hour early. Tenants shows up early, and our team is here meeting with him. Tenant proceeds to leave us a review for not being in the office early, when he is actually sitting in our office, on the couch, an hour before we open. Some people are just Nuts.


Not quick enough? Let me blame you!

Not quick enough? Let me blame you!

TERRIBLE company. The fence in our backyard that was falling apart when we moved in blew over in the wind and crashed onto my car. They won’t do anything about it and said to contact my car insurance company (for which I only have liability insurance, so that doesn’t do anything for me). DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

PropM, Inc (owner)

32 mins ago

VERY ODD Aly. Let me recap.
You called in TODAY at 10:51am,

We instructed you to submit a maintenance request as per your lease which you executed, also know as signed. Grace (not you) submitted the maintenance request at 11:07am. (There is no previous call or maintenance order submitted by you or Grace).

We instructed you to call your renters insurance and/or maybe car insurance as this is standard operating procedure and may be beneficial to you. Did you do this yet?

We obtained approval and dispatched someone at 12:31 today, within an hour and a half roughly.

Team, I appreciate the amazing work! You all get a 5 Star Review X2. Aly, you deserve a terrible person one star review. We clearly didn't knock your fence over, nor did you submit any issues with your move in even though you now say the fence was bad, but you still parked next to it and didn't submit a request to have it fixed, yet blame others? Try calling any another property management company in the land and see if they even answer the phone first of all (they won't), see if they can get approval within an hour (they can't) and see if you can get them to dispatch someone as quickly as we do, (they can't).

I'll go ahead and mention we are open 365 days a year so we are here everyday to provide the same outstanding service our team did for you! I trust the company you work for can move as quickly as we do.

5 Stars for everyone on my team! New owners, this is exactly why you want to hire us, we are on it and take care of things quickly, and some tenants are frankly nuts.