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Should I Allow Pets in My Rental Property? Property Management Advice

At PropM, we are a professional property management company serving the Sarasota / Bradenton & Portland area, and our topic today is pets. A lot of owners, especially first-time landlords, are concerned about pets because of the potential damage they can cause. I own several properties, and I allow pets in all of my rental homes for a few reasons. One of those reasons is that pet owners come home every night to take care of their pets, which is nice because you know they’ll be occupying the property, keeping the heat or ac on, on a regular basis. Having a good pet policy in place will allow you to attract more tenants and protect your home.

Pet Restrictions

You need to be careful about the types of pets you allow. We have restrictions on breeds. Unfortunately, as much as I French Bulldoglove animals, Pit Bulls and other potentially dangerous breed types are not allowed in our properties. That’s just for the protection of everyone, including the tenant who owns the pet. You don’t want their dog to do something that causes big trouble for them and everybody else. So, put restrictions in place, including size of pet.

Pet Deposits and Documentation

Pet deposits or pet rent are a good way to protect against the potential for damage. With good documentation, you shouldn’t have any trouble identifying or repairing pet damage. If a dog or another pet makes a mess, the tenant is responsible. If the damage is greater than the security deposit, you can pursue them legally.

We have some specific ideas on how to protect you further when it comes to pets. We always encourage you to allow pets because they usually come with good, responsible tenants, and it allows you to reach more renters. If you’d like to hear more or you have any questions about Sarasota / Bradenton property management or Portland property management, please contact us at PropM, Inc.