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Thank you for researching our property management company, we appreciate it. For starters we want you to know it’s the only thing we do, is manage properties. We don’t sell properties, we leave that up to the Realtors and Brokers we work with. We can definitely recommend good ones when, and if you need a good Broker/Realtor.

We are the only company open 7 days a week (yes, that means we are staffed on Saturday and Sunday’s too), we don’t believe in voicemail so we answer our phone 24 hours a day. This is just one of our commitments to offering the best customer service in the industry.

Our pricing strategy is straight forward with no surprises. We are a full service property management company, however we offer customized packages depending on what you are looking for.

There are no upfront costs, you never pay us a penny until we deliver a qualified tenant who has paid all money due, signed all paperwork and moved in. This is for your protection and safety. We believe PropM, Inc Property Management will be on of your best investments, saving you time, money, reducing liability and so much more.

We have no vacancy fee as many others do, so when your property is vacant, we do not charge you at all, our goal is to get your property rented, 7 days a week.

Pricing Structure

6, 8, 10 & 12% Management Fee

Standard Package:

  • Free Professional Photography
  • 50% Leasing Fee
  • 6, 8 or 10% Management Fee depending on number and condition of units.
    • Professional 4x4 For Rent Sign – Most others use the cheapest sign possible, not us.
    • 6 Point Tenant Screening – Thorough screening
    • 7 Day a Week Showings – No other company truly offers this.
    • 24/7 Live Voice Answering – No other company truly offers this.
    • Electronic Rent Collection and Disbursement – Faster disbursement to you.
    • Video Move In / Move Out Inspection – Great for Insurance, and accountability.
    • 24/7 Maintenance Management – True live person answers 24/7.
    • On Time Rent Payment Credit Bureau Reporting – Helps tenants improve their credit score and want to rent your property.
    • Delinquent Rent Payment Credit Bureau Reporting – Helps prevent delinquencies and increase on time rent collection.
    • $10/month Eviction Protection – We pay for your any eviction when you sign up for this, it’s a great value.
    • $175, Six Month Certified Inspection – Great preventative way to keep maintenance costs in check.
  • 12% Management Fee is Premier Deluxe Preventive Services Property Management for those upscale homes and homeowners who want the very best and are willing to pay for it.
  • We take care of these additional preventative services.
    • Eviction Protection (No charge) – We pay for any eviction.
    • 12 Free HVAC Filters (No charge) – We pay for and provide filters for tenants.
    • Smoke Detector Battery Annual Replacement (No Charge)

Free Management Quote

At PropM, Inc, we have a built a high tech business model to surpass the needs of clients today. Whether it be state of the art rent collection or our use of video to reduce costs or simply document the condition of something, we leverage technology to offer you better and real time results.

We work with single family and multi-family properties. We understand your real estate investments and the management of them is a top priority for you. This is why we have assembled a team of licensed professional experts to guide you and bring peace of mind to your property management needs.

"Its nice knowing PropM is handling my rental professionally. My tenants matter to me." M. Andersen

We are the best in the business, and here's how we do it:

  1. First, we only manage homes, we don't sell which eliminates any conflict of interest. Our focus is on one thing, managing your property at a very high level.
  2. Being we don't sell homes, Realtors are our friends, they love to refer clients to us. See our Realtor page here.
  3. We answer our phone with a live voice, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That can add up to 50+ days a year, we are open, when our competitors are not, that makes a huge difference in your return on your investment (ROI) and the value when comparing property management companies.
  4. We have a “no surprise” relationship with you. You will have access to your account which reflects your rental income, expenses, work orders, maintenance costs and your bottom line, anytime from anywhere. We have the best online software program and it is available 24/7. Easy to use and always up to date.
  5. Our comprehensive tenant screening process provides a more qualified tenant resulting in less turnover and lower costs. This is important to provide thorough screening up front.
  6. We focus on preventative maintenance trouble shooting. See these tips which save owners money everyday. Tenant Trouble Shooting Tips
  7. Semi-annual inspections which helps minimize considerable expenses in the future.
  8. We advertise your property on over 135 websites, covering over 90% of where prospective tenants look for their next home. Our aggressive marketing strategy significantly reduces vacancies. We advertise your home for rent on top websites like Zillow, Craigslist, Hotpads, Trulia and so many more.
  9. Easy online payment options are free of charge to both Tenants and Owners. We encourage online payments by Tenants to significantly reduce NSF’s and late payments, resulting in faster payments to you.
  10. We will customize our relationship with you. You decide if you prefer a hands-on or hands-off approach to the management of your properties, whether you want to use your own contacts for repairs, or take advantage of our no upcharge and most often reduced rates from vendors.

Our experienced team will ensure your property will be managed professionally and marketed globally and nationally. By protecting your investment, we can provide qualified tenants, the highest market rents, minimal vacancy and 24/7 maintenance response.

Just want us to find you a tenant? We can do that too.

We do have a second option, should you choose to manage your own property. We will research the rental comps, photograph, advertise on 135 sites Nationally, prequalify tenants prior to scheduling a showing to minimize the traffic through your home, screen applicants thoroughly which includes a Nationwide criminal background and credit check, with verification of employment and income. We prepare all lease documents and move the tenant in with a property move in inspection.

Let PropM, Inc Property Management help make your property one of your very best investments!

Just want us to find you a tenant? We can do that too.

We do have a second option, should you choose to manage your own property. We will research the rental comps, photograph, advertise on 135 sites Nationally, prequalify tenants prior to scheduling a showing to minimize the traffic through your home, screen applicants thoroughly which includes a Nationwide criminal background and credit check, with verification of employment and income. We prepare all lease documents and move the tenant in with a property move in inspection.

Let PropM, Inc Property Management help make your property one of your very best investments!

What sets us apart from our competitors? +

Services Our
The Difference
24/7 Live Voice Yes Never Most property management companies are understaffed, struggle to answer, and often don't return calls. We never miss a call.
Admin Charges/Fee's Never Often Zero set up charges. In fact. we invest our money first via photos, video and more belore we collect o dime. No upfronl costs to you.
Advanced Technology 100% Custom None or Standard We have invested a substantial amount of money customizing the process, whereas most other pm companies are primarily paper based.
Advertising Professionally Written Ads Standard Our ads are professionally written using the latest search criteria, increasing views, reach and response.
Application Process Online for each Adult Online/Hand Filled-Out Fast efficient results!
While others take days to verify, we verify the same day.
Auto Deposit Owners and Tenants Online or Manual We distribute owners/investors funds on or before the 10th of each month.
CPA/Accountants Licensed Professionals Property Manager We are the only property management company which has a staff of licensed CPAs. Your financial statement is reconciled to the penny every month.
Late Fees Lowest Vacancy Rate We have a low vacancy rate due to our proactive approach and multiple options for tenants to pay rent along with firm rent collection policies.
Deliquency Rate Lowest in the Industry ? We have low deliquency rates due to our proactive approach and multiple options for tenants to pay rent and our firm collection policy.
Maintenance 24/7 Availability Not Open 24/7 We answer every call so maintenance request are handled quickly and efficiently which equals satisfied tenants.
Up-Charging Never Often We don't upcharge for maintenance or anything else.
Marketing 135 Sites Own Site/Craigslist We advertise on 135 sites, plus our website. Along with 24/7 Customer Service, we don’t miss a call.
Owner Weekly Updates Yes Sometimes Weekly updates to owner, tracking calls and showings. Our goal is to aggressively rent the property at top market rate. Do they?
On Demand Report 24/7 Access to Portals Monthly Customized reports to satisfy your requirements.
Property Management Fees Flat Fee / No Upcharging Upcharge Flat fee and no surprise billing guarantee.
Screening Process 6-Point Check Minimal Check Our 6-point check is the most thorough in the industry! Credit, Criminal, Eviction, Rental History, Employment and Income Verification.
Showing 7 Days a Week Always Never We are open 24/7. Ask our competitors if they are.
Industry Leading Software Custom No 20 years refining a 50 step check process, electronically monotoring it via Satellite Account Management (S.A.M.)
Vacancy Charges Never Always We never charge you a property management fee on a vacant unit.
Vacancy Monitoring Adjust ? Our systems keep us on track per the owner's goals, vacancy rate and rental price criteria, delivering the highest ROI in the industry.
Annual Rent Increases Always Rarely Proactive rent increases essentially cover our cost, maximizes both your rental return on investment (RROI) and your property value.
ROI Highest in the Industry Lower Our industry leading software and proactive approach keeps us on track to deliver the highest ROI.
Green Virtually Paperless Mainly Paper-Based Our industry-leading software minimizes the impact to the Earth, benefitting all of us.

Questions you should ask our competitors:

  • Can I see my statements and invoices online?
  • Do you answer the phone 24/7?
  • Do you charge a set up fee?
  • Do you charge an administrative fee?
  • Do you charge for phone calls or photo copies?
  • Do you charge when the property is vacant?
  • Do you do a 6 month inspection? How?
  • Do you have licensed CPA's and Accountants to prepare and double check the owners and tenant statements?
  • Do you increase rent every year?
  • Do you have your own maintenance division? (This means they are making money off of maintenance and they have a limited supply of vendors/handymen to resolve your problem)
  • Do you upcharge for maintenance? (if they own their own maintenance, they most certainly do)
  • Do you show the property to anyone who calls? This is not good, there should be some due diligience prior. How many people, pets, etc.
  • How long does it take to get my money, once the tenant pays?
  • How long does it take to review and approve an application? (this is key, tenants are looking at multiple properties and will be lost quickly)

Our Proven Track Record +

Our Technology +

Our Technology Puts Us One Step Ahead

Our investment in software and systems helps us run a more efficient and profitable business for the Homeowner. Our top priority is to provide the most outstanding service to our Owners and Residents. We are excited to pass on these advantages to you:

We quickly respond to owners and resident service requests.

Because our solution is web-based, we can access all of our data from any location and at any time. This allows us to provide outstanding service for our customers. Sensitive information is housed in data centers with the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions.

Your monthly owner statement is delivered electronically.

The easy-to-read owner statements can be sent via email or can be accessed online using our convenient online Owner’s Portal, saving you time (and paper).

Maintenance issues are addressed and resolved faster.

We communicate with vendors and create electronic work orders to get repairs fixed quickly and cost efficient. Great customer service keeps the Tenant updated throughout the process.

Your payments are sent electronically and securely.

We use online ACH (electronic payments) to securely deposit your payment in your bank account so you receive your funds fast.  Most of our competitors deliver funds up to two weeks after us.

Vacancies are filled faster with more online marketing channels.

We post professional rental ads designed to be internet friendly on over 100+ websites on the Internet, plus our website, Craiglist, among many others. The ads are designed by a professional and truly stand out from the crowd.

Online applications are available for potential residents, making it faster and easier to attract more prospects.

All rental postings include an option for the potential resident to apply online. With our “State of the Art” technology we are completely electronic, which avoids the time consuming, traditional paperwork. As a direct result the vacancies are filled much faster.  We generally run credit reports within minutes of the applicant applying.

Residents can securely and easily pay rent online.

Residents love the convenience of paying rent securely online and our team spends less time handling paper checks. Online rent payments are automatically entered into AppFolio and completely integrated with the accounting records.

Sarasota Area Information+

Sarasota sits on the gulf side of the state about an hour south of Tampa. Rated as “America’s Best Small City” and one of the nation’s top eight “Best Places to Retire.”

With a population of approximately 52,000, Sarasota is actually bigger than you think. The downtown is small and concentrated which is nice for walking to local restaurants or enjoy a stroll to Marina Jacks while taking in the Season of Sculpture that are exhibited throughout Sarasota. Downtown Sarasota consists of local boutique shops, casual and find dining as well as night life and music.

Sarasota is best known for its cultural and outdoor amenities, beaches, resorts and golfing communities. Home to the famous Ringling Brothers Circus and family, museums, operas and ballets, Foreign Film Festival, Ringling School of Arts and The Van Wezel.

Home to Siesta Key Beach, which is continually voted one of the best beaches in the world, with white “sugar” sand and warm gulf waters. The sand is made up of 99% quarts so even on the hottest days the sand is cool due to being so reflective. Siesta Key stretches over 8 miles and is composed of four main areas, Siesta Beach, Crescent Beach, Turtle Beach and Siesta Key Village. The Village offers casual to fine dining, shopping, local music and souvenir shops and plenty of night life. The community drum circle plays every Sunday about one hour before sunset on Siesta’s public beach.

St. Armand’s Circle is located in the City of Sarasota, a small island off the coast. Set amongst a tropical oasis, the circle surrounds gourmet dining, fine shops and galleries. Lined with the charm of courtyards and patios and contemporary architecture. St. Armand’s if also known for luxurious residences and nestled between Lido Beach and Longboat Key.

Whether you are looking to relax, eat or shop, Sarasota has it all.

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