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 PropM = Professional Property Management, Marketing, Maintenance, and More!

"We honestly feel there is nobody doing a better job in the property management industry.  It’s the only thing we do and we are dedicated to doing it well.  We think you will be impressed with our property management services, the peace of mind we bring to you from being open 24/7 to never missing a lead for your property, and showing your home 7 days a week.  We maximize your revenue and minimize your expenses.  The value we bring is unprecedented in property management, we simply pay for ourselves."  
PropM, Inc. Team

Is it worth hiring a property manager?+

  • Yes, a professional property manager will more than pay for themselves. How? They will get higher rents, they will minimize liability, they will reduce your maintenance expenses, they will free up your time, and virtually eliminate headaches for you allowing you to sleep peacefully at night knowing your property is being professionally managed 24/7 by PropM, Inc.
  • Many mistakes can be made by a homeowner in trying to navigate the ever changing laws. One mistake can be costly.

Why am I hiring a property manager?+

Because it is all we do. We have many many years of experience and have experienced things you wouldn’t believe. We put this experience to work for you.

  • What would you do if a tenant stops paying rent?
  • What would you do if they continue to request silly maintenance items?
  • Do you know what happens when the pets deposit doesn’t cover the damage the pet made? How can you recover the additional costs?
  • What are you supposed to do if your property floods?
  • Are you aware of State and County laws regarding tenant claims?
  • Do you know what the rental market is doing right now?
  • Do you truly do your due diligence in screening tenants?
  • Do you run criminal background checks?
  • Have you been lucky so far in judging your tenants just based on their appearance and what kind of car they drive?
  • Do you know how to avoid the cost of evictions?
  • We just want you to be careful if you decide to self manage. Did you know our management fee’s are tax deductible too?

We are here for the long run.+

We are very proud of the services and results we offer. We feel we offer the very best property management services available in the industry, and we are always investing in our company to continue to offer more and improved services. As always we love feedback and are constantly looking to improve.

Call us to find out more, 888.780.2938

1. Our property management rates are always competitive.

2. We are open 7 days a week and answer the phone 24 hours a day.

3. We show your property(s) 7 days a week. (We rent properties faster because we are open when they are close)

4. We save you money on maintenance with tenant trouble shooting tips.  See some tips here

5. We are proactive and high tech, we honestly believe we are way ahead of the competition.

6. We have phenomenal reviews due to our caring staff.  See bottom of page for reviews.


 Our Commitment to Customer Service:               


Serving areas of Portland, OR and Sarasota, FL

This video is a great overview our of property management services.

Professional Property Management for Single Family, Multi-Family and Apartment Homes
At PropM, Inc we provide the most comprehensive, advanced and affordable services in the business today. Our "Flat Fee" approach is preferred by Homeowners. They appreciate the consistency and our "No Surprise" guarantee when receiving their monthly Owner’s Distribution.

Experienced Property Management Staff
Our professional team of experienced Property Managers, Certified Public Accountants, Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers and Administrative Staff ensure both the Tenant and the Homeowner are receiving professional and accurate numbers, which no other Portland Property Management Company or Sarasota Property Management Company can offer.

"Our integrity, experience and innovative solutions will ensure your property’s value and profitability. Every client receives superior service customized to meet their individual needs."

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Property Management Blog

Professional Property Management vs. DIY – What You Need to Know

David Cota - Tuesday, October 24, 2017

As a professional property management company serving the Sarasota / Bradenton & Portland area, we’d like to tell you what you need to consider when deciding between professional management and do it yourself management. Many owners think they can manage themselves, and they absolutely can. There are just a few areas that you need to be cautioned about.   Read More

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