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Serving areas of Portland, OR and Sarasota, FL

Property Management for Single Family, Multi-Family and Apartment Homes
At PropM, Inc we provide the most comprehensive, advanced and affordable services in the business today. Our "Flat Fee" approach is preferred by Homeowners. They appreciate the consistency and our "No Surprise" guarantee when receiving their monthly Owner’s Distribution.

Experienced Property Management Staff
Our professional team of experienced Property Managers, Certified Public Accountants, Staff Accountants, Bookkeepers and Administrative Staff ensure both the Tenant and the Homeowner are receiving professional and accurate numbers, which no other Portland Property Management Company or Sarasota Property Management Company can offer.

"Our integrity, experience and innovative solutions will ensure your property’s value and profitability. Every client receives superior service customized to meet their individual needs."

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Keeping Cool This Summer By Reducing Body Heat

Web Admin - Saturday, May 16, 2015

With temperatures on the rise, keeping cool is important. Here are a few low-tech tips to keep cool this summer.

1. Wear Clothing Made of Natural Fabrics: Natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and hemp 'breathe' better and wick away moisture.

2. Eat Cool: Meals like salads and sandwiches are best as protein rich meals can warm up your body. Cooking with the oven or stove also heats up the house.

3. Stay Hydrated: Drink more water than usual and consider electrolyte replacement drinks if sweating a lot. Alcohol and caffeine should be avoided as these promote dehydration.

4. Cool Off with Water: Taking a cool shower, soaking your feet in cold water or placing a cool, wet bandana around your neck helps your body cool. Also, have a spray bottle of water in the refrigerator to spritz yourself with.

5. Head for Cooler Places: When the home heats up, head for the basement. Or you can plan trips to the library, museums or theater - these are great places to cool off during the hottest part of the day. 

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