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Insects in My Rental Property – How to Properly Get Rid of Pests

PropM, Inc. is a professional property management company serving the Sarasota / Bradenton & Portland area. Today, we want to talk about pest control or insect infestation. Sometimes, there is a grey area about whether the tenant or the homeowner is responsible for pest control. It really depends on the scenario.

Providing a Pest-Free Home

Most homes, when they are rented, have been professionally cleaned. There’s no food in the drawers or in the fridge. You won’t have leaks or standing water to attract pests. The owners are required to provide a clean property with no insects. This is easy to accomplish as you’re preparing your home for a new tenant. However, pests can come along after the tenant has moved in. If it’s pouring rain, you find that pests such as ants will be driven inside the property, and your tenants will call to report this. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Most American homes have pests of some sort inside of them.

Tenant Responsibilities

If the pests can be linked to a tenant, the tenant is responsible. Recently we had a situation where the property was very clean and there were no problems with insects previously. However, the new tenants left crumbs across their counters, water was left to puddle in the kitchen, and that’s a perfect scenario for bugs to come in. That’s a tenant’s responsibility. If the property is not being kept clean and food sources are open and available to insects, the tenants need to act. Train your tenants to be aware of that. Clean, tidy houses generally don’t have pest issues. It generally happens to the messy homes with food everywhere and on the ground. Those houses will attract pests.

The owner should provide pest control initially to make sure the property is pest-free and to start off on a good, clean foot. During the course of a tenancy, your renters can treat pests as necessary. Recommend Pestsgood ant killers like Terro, which is good and simple to administer. Keep an eye on the pests and try to minimize the issue as much as possible.

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