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5 Tips for Showing Property Like a Professional Property Manager

Showing your rental property like a professional property manager is crucial because it’s your best opportunity to convince good tenants to fill out an application. You want to make sure you and your property are prepared.

Curb Appeal

Make sure the property is ready to be seen by prospective renters. When you drive up to the home, curb appeal is important. You want to see a lawn that is mowed, flower beds that are weeded and raked and a driveway that has been power washed. Tenants aren’t going to want to see any beehives or cobwebs at front door.

Confirm the Time

Assuming the property has been professionally cleaned inside and out; you’ll want to confirm your appointment. You don’t want to waste time with no-shows. Confirm with the prospective tenant 30 minutes before your schedule showing.

Be Early and Professional

Get there early to turn on the lights, open the doors and make the home feel airy and great. Be presentable. As the person representing the home, you want to be nicely dressed and looking professional. When you pay attention to these things, your results tend to be better.

Understand the Property

Be knowledgeable about the house. Figure out what you know and what you still need to check out. We like to educate the tenants while we are showing the property.

If you start out with a nice clean house and you’re as helpful as you can be, the showing will go well. It’s always a good idea to offer online applications so the tenants can immediately apply.

Please contact us at PropM, Inc. if you have any questions about how to successfully show your rental property.