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What do Property Management Companies Do?

The job of a good property management company is to effectively protect your investment while helping you earn a greater return on that property. It’s important to distinguish between average management companies and outstanding companies. Any property manager can rent out your property, collect rent and deduct their fee. True professionals do a lot more.

Advertising and Marketing

A professional property manager will write excellent ads and hire a real estate photographer to take high resolution images for photos and videos. You don’t want to use an iPhone. The ads will include information on school districts, heating sources, area parks and other amenities. Then, your manager will advertise your property on over 150 different websites.


You never want to use a standard or generic lease for your property. A professional manager will use a lease that’s specific to the laws in your area and have that lease reviewed by an attorney who is experienced in landlord and tenant law. Property managers protect you and your home.

Facilitating Maintenance

Proactively maintaining the home is the responsibility of the owner, but we are here to tell you what needs to be done. We’ll oversee any repairs and maintenance that’s required, and make recommendations on upgrades that will help you get top dollar rents. Good property managers will save you money on maintenance by using affordable vendors and negotiating lower rates on your behalf.

Collecting Rent

A good property manager will collect rent on time, and minimize vacancies by showing the property and renting it out to responsible tenants. At PropM, Inc., we have an almost 100 percent history of on-time rent collection. This is because we notify tenants when rent is due, we contact them when the payment is late and we are firm on late fees. Tenants pay on time because they don’t want to pay those late fees.

A property management company can leverage its experience so that any situation or problem can be taken care of with good decisions. You want a professional property manager and you want to let them do what they do best. You don’t have to be involved or deal with the tenants.

If you have any questions about what we can do for you, please contact us at PropM, Inc.