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Some Cheap Fixes to Spruce Up Your Property

Whether you are selling your home, getting it ready to rent, or just want to update for yourself, here are some cheap fixes to spruce up the look of your property.

  1. Update the kitchen – As this is the heart of any home, you want to be sure the kitchen looks clean and reasonably updated. For just a few hundred dollars you can easily replace the faucets, cabinet door handles, and update light fixtures.
  2. Give your appliances a facelift –If the appliances don’t match you may be able to order new doors or face panels from the manufacturer.
  3. Bathrooms – The bathrooms are the next update that can improve the look and value of your home. Simple things like a new toilet seat and sink are fairly easy installs and make big difference to the look of the room. If the tiles look dingy, re-grouting can make quite a difference.
  4. Rework storage areas – If you have less storage space than you would like, closet systems can help. Home-Improvement stores offer parts for designing your own closet storage that are easy to install and will make your closest more functional. Check online for sites that let you enter measurements and create your own design.
  5. Carpeting – If your rugs are in good shape, a good professional cleaning can really spruce up your home.  If the rugs are showing some wear, inexpensive area rugs can hide the trouble spots.
  6. Lighting fixtures – Many home stores offer some very nice, inexpensive chandeliers and light fixtures that can be installed to brighten up the look of any room. If you have a ceiling fan, you can even replace the blades for a new look.
  7. Curb appeal – A few well-placed shrubs and clean walkway can really make a difference. If you do not have a green thumb you may want to hire a landscaper to give your yard a good cleanup.