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Saving Money on Monthly Expenses

Looking for ways to save money each month? Here are a few tips to try to lower monthly costs.

1. Auto - Keep the air pressure in your tires at the maximum stated in the car's manual. Every two PSI of air that you able to add can improve gas mileage 1%.

2. Home/Auto Loans - Refinance at a lower rate if you are eligible. For home loans, you may be able to refinance using the HARP program. This will save money over the life of the loan and could lower your monthly payments.

3. Credit Cards - Take advantage of balance transfers if you have debt on a card with a high interest rate. Many companies have offers of 0% for 18 months which can help you pay down the debt quicker. Just be sure to consider the transfer fees when doing your calculations.

4. Auto-pay Discounts - Many installment plans offer a discount if you setup automatic payments. This will also help you to avoid late fees. 

5. Sell Unused Items - Take a look around and if you have any unused items that may have value, use Ebay or Craigslist to sell them. The proceeds can be used to pay towards your debt.

6. Cut Down Utility Bills- 
a) Install CFL or LED light bulbs (4 times more efficient than standard bulbs)
b) Install a programmable thermostat - automatically adjust home temperature when out or sleeping
c) Unplug unused devices - many devices still use a small amount of electric even when not in use
d) Lower temperature of hot water heater - They account for 14% of energy costs. Drop the temperature     to 125-130 degrees Fahrenheit and install a water heater blanket to keep heat from dissipating 
 Check back later for more suggestions on lowering your monthly expenses!