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Low Maintenance Options for Your Rental Homes

System - Thursday, November 13, 2014

While there is no perfect formula for making your investment home easy to maintain while still appealing to tenants, we have a few suggestions that may help:

  • Paint – use satin or semi-gloss for easier clean up and stick with neutral tones
  • Flooring – use tile for high traffic areas. For carpet, go with darker earth tones with a random pattern (helps to hide any stains); Laminate and wood flooring may buckle, warp or shift over time so it is not recommended for rental homes
  • Install door stops – this can eliminate accidental holes in the drywall
  • Landscaping – install native drought resistant plants for easier upkeep
  • Kitchens – heavy duty is best so investing in good Formica countertops and quality cabinets so they stand up to daily wear and tear of use
  • Fixtures – a good low cost way to freshen up the home is with updated light fixtures and faucet fixtures; Brushed nickel is a good option for a clean look
  • Services – include services such as pool maintenance and landscaping to ensure the property always looks its best
  • Annual contracts – contract for services such as pest control, HVAC, water system, pool/hot tub maintenance to eliminate issues with emergency service calls during tenancy
  • Prepare for showings – have the property in the best condition possible for showings to show the home is well cared for
  • Cleaning between tenants – hire professional cleaners to go over entire home and clean carpet/flooring
  • Remotes batteries – always replace batteries for all remotes including garage door opener, ceiling fans, etc.