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How to Prepare Your Home for Hurricane Season

As a professional property management company serving the Sarasota/ Bradenton and Portland, Oregon area, our Florida clients are often asking about hurricane preparation. Hurricanes do happen, and we had a big one not too long ago.

Protecting the Property

Who is supposed to protect the house during a hurricane?

It’s the owner’s responsibility. If the tenant chooses to spend their own money and time taking precautions, it’s on them, because they don’t have permission from the property owner. So, it’s their own time and cost. Some owners will radio ahead when we know the hurricane is coming. We’ll put up hurricane shutters and the owners will pay for it. If the owner decides to take a chance and not do it, the tenant cannot put them up and expect to be reimbursed. If the owner isn’t planning to protect their own house in this way, the tenant can leave and wait for the storm to pass.

Basic Preparation Advice

To prepare for a hurricane, do the basics. Buy plenty of water, and stock up on batteries. Make sure you have can openers and flashlights. Get flares if you need them, cans of gas, and jumper cables. Have everything prepared. If you do a Google search for a hurricane preparation list, you will see what you need. Everything is straight forward and explanatory. The news will also tell you what supplies you need.

Tenant Safety is Important

Be prepared, and make sure your tenant is safe. Tenants and homeowners will need to communicate about what will be done. If your property is being professionally managed, get in touch with your property manager and make sure they are communicating with the tenants. Tell your tenants if you’re planning to put up shutters or roll the dice and hope the worst of the hurricane misses you. Make sure your insurance is in place, and do the best you can.

If you have any questions about preparing for a hurricane, please contact us at PropM Property Management.