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How to Get Your Investment Property Rent Ready

It’s important to get your investment property ready for the rental market because when it looks and functions well, you’ll be able to earn top dollar rents on that home. There are a few specific things you can do.

Paint and Carpet

Make sure the property is freshly painted. Don’t touch up a few spots here and there in the middle of the wall. You can see those patches and it doesn’t look good. Paint the whole wall corner to corner and paint the whole house. Your carpet or flooring should be professionally cleaned a well. Don’t rent a rug doctor; use a professional company that has bigger and stronger equipment.

Professional Cleaning

Have your home professionally cleaned before you put it on the rental market. Many owners will say they cleaned it, but you need to hire a professional to get out there and really clean the place from top to bottom. You want clean drawers, cabinets, door knobs and the tops of doors.

Check Appliances

Appliances have to be in good working shape. There shouldn’t be any tricks where you have to kick something to get it started. Functional appliances make tenants happy and happy tenants will pay rent on time.

Include Landscaping

Include landscaping in your rent. If you leave it for the tenants to manage and they don’t take care of it, you’ll be upset with your tenants and your property value will decrease because of your ugly yard. Include landscaping in the rental price so you have a professional showing up to weed and trim the bushes every month.

These are some quick tips on getting your property ready for the rental market so you can get top dollar rents. If you have any questions, please contact us at PropM, Inc. and we can tell you more.