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How to Cool a Room Down

How to Cool a Room Down

During the summer time temperatures and humidity soar high.  Here are a few tips to beat the summer heat:

1.  Crack open a window at night.

2.  Keep the blinds closed during the day.

3.  Ice: Please a frozen bottle of water in front of a fan and get a nice cool breeze.

4.  Fans:  Ceiling fans can be great during the summer.  For a bedroom up to 175 square feet, opt for a 42-48 inch six-blade ceiling fan.  By leaving them on during the day, it will help speed up the cool-down process in the evenings.

5.  Close off parts of your home.

6.  Use your kitchen:  Your stove exhaust fan can actually help cool down a space.  

7.  Turn off unnecessary electronics.  Electronics give off heat when they're on.  Power down computers and televisions during the day.  Also by using the lights you need in the evenings and early mornings, you will cut down on your electricity bill.