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How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Portland, OR?

How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Portland, OR?

When people say homeownership is expensive these days, they aren't kidding. In addition to property taxes, a mortgage, and renovations, people on average spend about $6,000 each year on maintenance.

Rental property inspections are a critical means of keeping on top of that maintenance. If you can catch a problem in its earliest stages, you can probably prevent a costlier future repair. But as far as landlord duties go, how often should you inspect a rental?

The answer depends on a number of factors, from tenant behavior to their rights under the law. Let's take a look at a few considerations when tackling your rental property inspection checklist in Portland, OR.

How Often Should You Do Rental Property Inspections?

There is no hard rule when it comes to inspections, but the general wisdom is you should conduct them at least twice per year. In other words, twice during a tenant's contract. This is preferable if you're a remote landlord.

Conducting More Frequent Inspections

Some landlords may wish to go even more often, such as once every three months. This might be a good idea if, for example, you have a tenant who has a track record of being messy or causing damage. More frequent inspections could prevent nightmare situations, such as tenants clogging your pipes with baby wipes and causing a flood.

Keep Rental Property Inspection Laws in Mind

Don't forget tenant rights when conducting your inspections. It's not just courteous to tell your tenant in advance you plan to come for an inspection. Legal protections prevent you from making surprise or impromptu visits.

Rental Property Inspections and the Law

By law, you must let tenants know with proper notice (in writing) for a specific date and time. Your visit must be at reasonable hours during which the tenant can accommodate you. If they can't, you'll simply have to reschedule.

Further, you cannot enter uninvited, even though the property belongs to you. If a tenant refuses a legitimate inspection, then your only recourse is eviction. Avoid any misunderstandings in advance by drafting a clearly-worded lease, one way to avoid common rental problems.

Have a Rental Property Inspection Checklist

Try to make the most of your inspections, as they will be somewhat infrequent. Try to schedule any maintenance or repairs in as small a window as possible. This avoids inconveniencing your tenants unnecessarily and causing any bad blood by disrupting their peace.

A checklist is a must-have to make sure you take care of everything in one go. Taking the time to go from root to stem with a comprehensive examination ensures you don't miss those little issues that could exacerbate quickly over time.

Manage with PropM Inc. in Portland

Rental property inspections are a must if you want to keep your property in tiptop shape. Despite your best intentions, though, you can't just barge without advance written notice. Make the most of that short time by bringing a handy checklist along to cover all your bases.

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