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Furnish Your Home For Less

Quality furniture can be quite expensive when purchased new.  If you are willing to spend a little time and do some research, you can find low cost, good quality, used furniture for your home. 

To begin your search make a list of items you need and write down measurements of the rooms and area you want to furnish. 

Once you have an idea of what you would like to find there are many low cost options available:

1. Craigslist - Be sure to check here whenever you have time as new items post all day, every day. (Or download one of the many apps to watch Craigslist and notify you of specific search terms that you input)

2. Check local thrift stores such Goodwill and Salvation Army - you never know what you may find.

3. Check local Consignment shops - Most furniture consignment stores have a good selection for quality furniture.

3. Visit local estate sales (these can also be found listed on Craigslist). 

4. Do a web search for other options in your area, such as